IT Service Desk: What types of complaint service desk received from clients?

Perhaps more than any other aspect of ITSM, the traditional service desk is undergoing rapid change, ai-powered analytics and self-healing control to improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction, get to market fast with high quality apps, drive down the cost of IT operations, and mitigate the risk of IT transformation.


The help desk is a component of the end-to-end process that is focused on end-user needs it is tactically focused. The IT help desk has often been under-appreciated seen as a necessary function, but one offering little value beyond responding to basic user issues. Look at the total cost of provision of service and identify how much each call is costing to resolve.


A service desk is responsible for constant monitoring of services and providing support in case of downtime. Put in place some form of service level management by establishing the services provided by your helpdesk or service desk and aligning your IT provision more closely with the broader requirements of the business. What agents can do within the help desk is governed by a system of roles and permissions.


If your help desk is still driven by legacy tools, you are missing out big opportunities to improve the effectiveness of your help desk. The service desk assesses the request alongside pre-defined approval and qualification processes. Service desk support managers can receive a more granular view of the individuals performance, while executives can get a quick snapshot of the core data.


Implementing workspace analytics results in increased productivity in the service desk and beyond. Tracking the right customer service metrics will allow you to pinpoint areas where you are struggling. In general, service delivery automation is high return and low risk, and more and more service organizations are finding ways to cut costs and provide a simpler customer experience by reducing human involvement.


Operations teams handle these requests with repeatable processes and various software tools — most notably, ticketing systems that log requests, track issue resolution progress and prioritize and assign user requests to the most appropriate support personnel. Several customer service metrics that are quick and easy to track include response time, resolution time and quality ratings in the form of customer surveys.


Businesses must understand their customers needs first before going ahead with plans of offering self-service support. It specifies requirements for the service provider to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve an SMS. If the desk is too low and cant be adjusted, place sturdy boards or blocks under the desk legs.


The troubleshooting log provides a valuable source of information from which the troubleshooter can draw on the experience of past troubleshooting efforts to quickly restore the equipment to service. You can efficiently collect the information you need to improve communication and service, and deliver outstanding performance and customer satisfaction. Since service desk strategy is partly driven by data and the service desk is often responsible for operational reporting, the service desk should play a key role in successfully sharing among teams.

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