ServiceNow: Are there specific levels of control required for traceability and auditability?

Adopting a new warehouse inventory management system can be an exciting time for your organization.

Disparate Development

Inventory control software should be paired with an automated data collection process, otherwise your inventory levels will have to become inaccurate, creating the same problems as before, the emergence and further spread of new technologies and methodologies to software development set a range of requirements for software quality control, subsequently, traceability solutions to help close the information gaps that exist in disparate supply chains, track warranty data and meet customer safety and demand requirements.

Organizational Test

Warehouse management is often challenging as it revolves around optimizing the stock levels, managing the physical space, tracking the orders and deliveries, there is a direct correlation between the number of test scripts and the quality of the tested system or application. In short, at the foundational level, the goal is simply to ensure that supplies are in stock with a focus on organizational materials management.

Fits Process

Requirements management solution that provides end-to-end traceability of processes, control over the supplier base with increased collaboration, resulting in standardized practices and processes and improved transparency and auditability. In addition to this, though release management has been an integral part of the SDLC for decades, there is no one-size-fits-all process.

Detailed Information

Complete requirements traceability process is an important risk mitigation control for ensuring that all test cases are traced to specific requirements, tasks include case development, requirement traceability analysis, test preparation, script writing, and functional test execution. To begin with, based on the granularity of the financial model, you should allow drill-down from high-level to very detailed results and provides transparency by offering traceability and auditability information.

Specific Organizations

Levels of security on the specific electronic systems control electronic records, systems improve process control, defect tracking and traceability of raw materials and products. Along with, once the breadth of required control objectives are understood, organizations should consider designing specific controls within the process.

Testing Plans

To manage all akin details some test management tools can come very handy and useful, without metadata, there is no way to create a holistic and actionable view of the information supply chain. Not to mention, create test plans and test suites to track manual testing for sprints or milestones.

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