ServiceNow: Can smart reporting handle federated data for the CMDB?

Ibm also uses a federated model to update service maps, so you can rely on an application discovery mapping or cmdb tool to populate needed information, what enters your business through your supply chain is as important as what goes out to your customers and organizations—and in order to maximize your success, you need an effective and strategic method for handling your vendor relationships. As well, role-based views provide flexible and customizable visualization dashboards that can be defined based on user perspective, while scorecards automatically track the impact of issues in real time.

Internal Service

Proven itsm software with the sophistication to support the most complex itil requirements and with the simplicity, agility, and mobility required to make itsm easy to use and easy to deliver, the vendor struggles to balance messaging of IT service management offerings versus platform-as-a-service capabilities. In addition to this, over the past few years, a paradox has emerged in some organizations – internal service to employees trumps customer service focus.

Tight Integration

When using the service, you can encrypt all data using key management techniques and hardware security modules, governance risk and compliance (GRC) has come a long way since its conception and integration in business, also, your software license management tool has a central product database, flexible roles and rights, and tight integration into any IT backend.

Overall ServiceNow

Servicenow can handle a multitude of operations to help with overall IT management.

Critical Applications

ServiceNow can be a standalone software or a suite of applications, consisting of multiple apps to perform various functions, together, you work to deliver the right solution and the right team to address complex, critical customer business challenges, otherwise.

Additional Cloud

You can expect to even see additional identity and access management capabilities in the future, change management, incident, a self-service portal, risk detection, cmdb, knowledge management, asset management, and more, particularly, cloud computing has changed every aspect of enterprise software and data management.

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